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Can a Blue Tomato be the apple of all Coffeeshops?

When you mention the word Coffeeshop to most people. Immediately they think of somewhere poorly lit, hidden away and with this strange over powering smell. With over 60 years experience in the coffeeshop industry, the management team at the Blue Tomato have set out to give their shop a more clear and transparent appearance.

The first thing you notice as you approach this gem of a coffeeshop, is how bright and clean everything is. The parking area outside has amble space for 10 cars and during busy periods there is always a Host on hand to assist with parking and keep the roadway clear. These very smartly dressed gentlemen are not your average Coffeeshop Bouncers however. At the Blue Tomato they prefer to refer to them as Hosts and their outfits perfectly compliment the old fashioned Apothecary theme inside.

Just take a moment as you first enter the Blue Tomato to fully enjoy their amazing rain forest scene. It is literally wall to wall, floor to ceiling and all painted by the amazing Dutch artists Telmo & Miel. As you enter the main shop area, one of the first things you’ll notice is the massive Hoopoe bird the pair have painted.

A coffeeshop with high standards in every way

The sales area of the Blue Tomato just shows the class of coffeeshop you have entered. With its long marble counters, old fashioned pharmacy styled cabinets, it is clear to see the attention to every detail that has gone into this fantastic shop. Modern lounge music plays from the Bose speakers all around the shop to finish off the atmosphere. All of the staff behind the counter are extremely well dressed and fluent in both Dutch and English. Every member of staff is fully trained and certified by Cannabis Career in “Basistraining Cannabis en Goed Gastheerschap”. Customers to the Coffeeshop will find them very knowledgeable about all aspects of the products they sell.

The attention to detail and quality the management continue to invest in the Blue Tomato is by no means limited to the shop. The Blue Tomato offers a fully electronic menu system inlaid into their marble counter. Here they clearly list out their amazing range of high quality products. All of the products are displayed on the shelves behind and customers are welcome to take a look.

Blue Tomato Food & Drink Menu

The Blue Tomato offers a range of panini’s along with hot & cold drinks to make sure your fueled up for your journey home after your visit.

  • Panini Pollo
  • Panini Prosciutto
  • Panini Caprese
  • Panini Pepperoni
  • RedBull
  • Koffie
  • Cola
  • Sinas
  • Sprite
  • Water
  • AA
  • Thee

Amsterdam Genetics Seeds

A brief

History of the Blue Tomato

The local Council of Hoorn back in 2012 placed an advert appealing for qualified people to apply to run a new Coffeeshop. Having recently closed down two of Hoorn’s original Coffee shops, the area had become full of local street traders. With the town rapidly becoming an out of bounds area at certain times the local council and police decided a new coffeeshop would be the way forward.

Thirty One separate parties applied to the councils advert which they quickly shortlisted, based on previous experience and intended location for the new coffeeshop. The management Team for the Blue Tomato bring with them over 60 years of experience and our planned location outside of the main town seemed like a good idea. Despite backing by the local governement our location was still opposed by many of the local business. After winning our first law suit the shop took a gamble and opened on the 20th September 2013, 4 months later than planned. Between our opening and 2015, we faced several other law suits in 4 courts. After our legal team’s victories in court, the Blue Tomato continues to remain open.

While you can find further information on many local news sites around Holland. Our favorite article has to go to Rolling Stoned magazine, with their report on Onno van Veldhuizen. Running with the headline ‘Mayor wants coffee!’ you can read more about it here

The Blue Tomato represents:

  • Team Work
  • Knowledge
  • Biological
  • Service
  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Education
  • Quality